Xi Takes Guidance from Democrats

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Xi Takes Guidance from Democrats Playbook “Accept No Responsibility”

Analysis of Xi Jinping’s Speech to the 73rd World Health Assembly.

by Robert Davi

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As you will read below, I watched President Xi’s Speech to the World regarding COVID-19, hoping to see some effort of transparency or regret. I saw NONE. What I saw was a page taken from the democrats. Blame others (President Trump), deflect difficult questions, and then tell everyone how we China are the victim in all of this. My review of it is 

No remorse, No Acknowledgment, No transparency.

Xi and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are orchestrating answers which portrayed them as two things. 

  1. VICTIMS to the World’s accusations directed and led by President Trump, not other World leaders asking the same questions?
  2. SAVIORS of the weak and hopeless by offering money, and aid to developing countries. More like provide life support to a dying man bill them in a few years and when they can’t pay it REPOSSESS the Country. 

Below are the details of the Speech

President Xi Jinping delivered a speech which he called “Unite and cooperate to overcome the epidemic and jointly build a human health and health community” at the opening ceremony of the 73rd World Health Assembly video conference. 

Xi Emphasizes that China adheres to people-oriented, life-oriented, and always upholds the concept of the community of human destiny, not only responsible for the safety and health of its people but also global public health.

Xi Put forward suggestions to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, announce practical measures to promote global anti-epidemic cooperation.

Xi Jinping emphasized that in the face of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the most severe global public health emergency since the end of World War II, people of all countries bravely moved forward and watched each other for help. Xi Speech

China adheres to the principle of putting people first and life first. It has always maintained an open, transparent, and responsible attitude and has always upheld the concept of building a community of human destiny. It is not only responsible for the safety and health of its people but also responsible for global public health. 

Xi Jinping pointed out that the epidemic is still spreading, and prevention and control still need to work hard. We must do our best to prevent and control the outbreak, give full play to the leadership role of WHO, increase support for African countries, strengthen global public health governance, restore economic and social development, and strengthen international cooperation.

Xi Jinping announced China’s five major measures to promote global anti-epidemic cooperation and called on all countries to join hands to jointly build a global health community.

In his speech, Xi Jinping emphasized that it is of considerable significance to hold this WHO Conference at a critical moment when humans are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has now spread to more than 210 countries and regions, affecting more than 7 billion people and taking the precious lives of more than 300,000 people. I want to express my condolences to the unfortunate victims and condolences to their families. 

Xi Jinping pointed out that the history of human civilization is also a history of struggle against diseases and disasters. The virus has no borders, and the disease does not distinguish between races. In the face of the violent epidemic, people of all countries bravely moved forward, watched for help, and stood in the same boat.

 Xi Jinping emphasized that after arduous efforts and high costs, China has effectively reversed the situation of the epidemic and safeguarded the safety and health of the people. China always keeps an open, transparent, and responsible attitude, timely inform WHO and relevant countries of the epidemic situation information, and publishes the viral gene sequence and other information as soon as possible. It has no reservations to share the prevention and control and treatment experience with all parties and do its utmost We can provide a lot of support and help to countries in need.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the epidemic situation is still spreading, and prevention and control still need to work hard. I want to make the following suggestions.

First, do our best to prevent and control the epidemic situation. This is a matter of urgency. We must adhere to the people-oriented, life-oriented, scientifically deploying medical forces and essential materials. We must take adequate measures in protection, isolation, detection, treatment, tracking, and other vital areas as soon as possible. Contain the spread of the epidemic in the World, and try our best to stop further spread of the and reemergence of COVID-19. It is necessary to strengthen information sharing, exchange useful experiences and practices, participate in detection methods, clinical treatment, and vaccine drug research and development, and continue to support scientists from various countries to carry out global scientific research on the source spread of viruses.

Second, give full play to the leadership role of WHO. Under the leadership of Director-General Tedros, WHO has made significant contributions to leading and advancing international anti-epidemic cooperation, which is highly appreciated by the international community. At present, the global anti-epidemic disease is at a critical stage. Supporting WHO is to promote international anti-epidemic cooperation and save lives. China calls on the international community to increase its political support and financial input to WHO, mobilize global resources, and win the battle against the epidemic.

Third, increase support for African countries. The public health systems of developing countries, especially African countries, are weak, and helping them build a defense line is the top priority of the international fight against epidemics. African countries should be provided with more material, technical, and human support. China has delivered a large number of medical aid materials to more than 50 African countries and the African Union and has specially dispatched five medical expert groups. Currently, 46 Chinese medical teams stationed in Africa are investing in local anti-epidemic operations.

Fourth, strengthen global public health governance. Humanity will eventually overcome the epidemic, but significant public health emergencies will not last for humanity. Given the shortcomings and deficiencies exposed by the outbreak, we must improve the public health safety governance system, increase the speed of emergency response to public health emergencies, and establish global and regional epidemic prevention material reserve centers. China supports a comprehensive assessment of the global response to the epidemic after the global epidemic has been brought under control, summing up experience, and making up for deficiencies. This work requires a scientific and professional attitude, requires the WHO to lead, and adheres to objectivity and fairness principles.

Fifth, resume economic and social development. Countries with conditions should follow the WHO’s professional recommendations and carry out resumption of work in an orderly manner under the premise of normalized epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to strengthen the coordination of international macroeconomic policies, maintain the stability of the global industrial chain supply chain, and try to restore the world economy.

Sixth, strengthen international cooperation. Humanity is a community of destiny, and solidarity and collaboration are the most powerful weapons to overcome the epidemic. This is an important experience gained by the international community in combating major epidemics such as AIDS, Ebola, avian influenza, and H1N1 influenza A. It is the right way for people of all countries to cooperate in the fight against epidemics.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China has always adhered to the concept of building a community of human destiny, not only responsible for the safety and health of its people but also responsible for the global public health cause. To promote global anti-epidemic cooperation, I declare:

China will provide $ 2 billion in international assistance within two years to support the countries affected by the epidemic, especially the developing countries in the fight against the epidemic, and economic and social recovery.

China will cooperate with the United Nations to establish a global humanitarian emergency warehouse and hub in China, strive to ensure the supply chain of anti-epidemic materials, and develop green channels for transportation and customs clearance.

China will establish a cooperation mechanism with 30 Chinese-African counterpart hospitals, accelerate the construction of the African Center for Disease Control’s headquarters, and help Africa improve its disease prevention and control capabilities.

After the research and development of China’s COVID-19 vaccine is completed and put into use, it will be used as a global public product to make China’s contribution to achieving the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.

China will work with the members of the Group of 20 to implement the “Debt Relief Initiative for the Poorest Countries,” and is willing to work with the international community to increase support for countries with particularly severe epidemics and severe pressures to help them overcome current difficulties.

Xi Jinping finally called on us to join hands to jointly protect the lives and health of people of all countries, to protect the common earth’s homeland of mankind, and to build a human health and health community.

In their speeches, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and other countries’ leaders expressed their support for multilateralism, the role of WHO, and the strengthening of coordination and cooperation in the fight against the epidemic in the international community.

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