Tanzania President Exposes WHO COVID-19 Testing

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Tanzania Covid-19 Testing Exposes Flawed Lab Results

May 11, 2020

As the world has seen a rise in false Coronavirus cases, one African leader takes matters into his own hands to test the World Health Organizations’ testing protocol and reliability for truthfulness.

Tanzanian President, John Magufulis growing concerns and suspicions about the validity of the Tanzanian National Health Laboratory and the World Health Organization (WHO) testing procedures regarding COVID-19 presented an opportunity for him to test the lab testing for himself. So President Maguful sent suspected COVID-19 samples to the laboratory, but the samples were not human sources; they were the following goat, papaya, quail, and motor oil. Much to the surprise of President Magufulis, three samples returned positive for COVID-19 the goat, papaya, and quail samples, so President Manufulis has reportedly suspended his laboratory and quality assurance directors and launched an investigation.

President Magufuli, who has questioned the accuracy of the COVID-19 testing, holds a doctorate in chemistry. Before testing, all the samples were given human names and ages and submitted to the country’s National Referral Laboratory to test for COVID-19 without the lab technicians knowing the true identity of the samples.

The president called for an investigation in what he suspects is a “dirty game” in the laboratory.

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“The equipment or people may be compromised, and sometimes it can be sabotage or the wrong guidance,” Magufuli said in a speech broadcast live through state-run Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC). Catherine Sungura, acting head of communications at the ministry of health, said in a statement on Monday the director of the laboratory and its quality assurance manager have been suspended “to pave the way for a complete investigation.”

The establishment of a 10-person committee to investigate the laboratory’s operations, including its process of collecting and testing samples, has been put in place. On Sunday, Magufuli also fired the head of the Tanzania government Medical Stores Department, which is responsible for the distribution of medical supplies and equipment to all government hospitals.

Unavailability of testing kits combined with faulty protocols, amplified by the hysterical media, is wreaking havoc on the medical infrastructure of nations. As false results soar, the WHO has come under global criticism a more in-depth look at the cases has shown massive WHO Coronavirus Testing Protocol flaws.

There have been instances where WHO was caught grossly unprepared with its course of action. Other times, the scientists and researchers at WHO have made laughable errors while preparing reports. Are these actions deliberate or poor management from the top?

The regular pattern of blunders committed by WHO raises questions on its ability to deal with the lives of people. Can the World Health Organization (WHO) be reformed, or must it be reborn? Can it adequately address the challenges it is facing? Should WHO be dismantled? These are essential questions, not only for the next director-general but perhaps even more for the member states who are the real “owners” of WHO.

As of Monday, May 11, Tanzania had recorded 480 cases of COVID-19 and 18 deaths, according to a tally based on government and World Health Organization data.