States Demand Investigation in China Coverup

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States Demand Investigation into Chinas COVID-19 Coverup

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by Robert Davi

The A.G.’s from 18 U.S. States are pushing if not demand an investigation by congressional leaders to look at Chinese propaganda efforts worldwide and hold Beijing responsible for the global pandemic.

The signed letter, dated May 9th, was delivered to bipartisan leaders in both the House and Senate as well as both House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committees. The letter demands that the lawmakers open hearings into the COVID-19 Global pandemic to determine what China knew? The 18 A.G.’s likewise blamed the CCP Government Officials for layers of misleading information in its coverup attempts of the outbreak in Wuhan, which ultimately lead to the unleashing of the virus on the United States and the World.

The establishment of Congressional hearings would be a first start for the U.S. to seek an understanding of the starting point related to COVID-19 and efforts via CCP authorities to deceive the global community.

The letter comes as the Trump administration also is investigating how the outbreak began in China. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has opened concurrent investigations into the causes and possibly Chinas liability along with the World Health Organizations’ failed response to the pandemic.

The letter to U.S. lawmakers describes how the Chinese Government attempted and is still, to this day, denying the seriousness of the outbreak in its early stages.

Ongoing reports from around the globe suggest that the Chinese authorities, directed by Xi Jinping, intentionally concealed data about the seriousness of the outbreak. Secretary of State Pompeo has stated the Chinese authorities, supported through the World Health Organization, appear to have purposefully deceived the world during the early stages of the outbreak in Wuhan.

The A.G.’s also provided further details on the continuing propaganda and disinformation campaign that has been designed to deflect global attention away from Chinas responsibility and obligations. Detailed was one specific effort in which the CCP proposed that the United States was responsible for unleashing the virus. A claim made through a Chinese spokesperson via youtube speaking in Arabic.

The letter signed by each A.G. from the following states Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and South Carolina. Is calling for answers, and we demand them now! Americans are dying, and thousands and thousands have lost their jobs our economy is tumbling downward, one Attorney General stated.

What did Beijing know? How soon did they become aware of it, and what actions they took to conceal and deceive the world is critical to understand?

In April, Missouri became the first U.S. state to file a claim for damages towards the Chinese Communist Party regarding COVID-19. Not long after, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch declared her preference likewise to file a complaint to consider Beijing responsible.

Notwithstanding the Missouri claim, there are at least eight personal claims against Chinese efforts to conceal the outbreak and cause harm to persons.

In April, Florida sent a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai regarding fees incurred by Florida due to Chinas negligence as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Florida elected officials are considering freezing Chinese assets held throughout Florida to recoup damages incurred.