Italian COVID19 Vaccine looks very promising

Italian COVID-19

Italian COVID19 researchers at the Spallanzani Institute working with Takis and its partner EvviVax has determined that antibodies generated in mice by the Italian vaccine for COIVD19 works! Tests carried out in the virology laboratory at the Spallanzani institute have indicated success. Takis CEO Luigi Aurisicchio told reporters, stressing that for the first time in the world, a candidate vaccine against the new coronavirus has neutralized the virus in human cells. Some of the most advanced level research reached so far in the experimentation of a vaccine candidate against COVID19, is being developed in Italy, sadly thought human tests are still only expected until after the summer.

It is still not possible to reach any concrete conclusions “on the efficacy” of the vaccine candidate. Italian Spallanzani Institute details, following the news released by Takis, which stated, “We are proud to announce that the results of our first study on animal models are incredibly positive. After a single dose, our five candidate DNA-based vaccines were able to induce a strong antibody response against the COVID19 spike protein in just 14 days. Vaccines were administered to animals through DNA-electroporation, which enhances vaccine uptake and recruit immune cells at the site of injection.

We are in a pre-clinical model phase that demonstrates the immunogenicity of our candidate vaccines; two of them, in particular, induced the most robust antibody production. The whole team is cautiously optimistic about the development of the best candidate for a future clinical study and the possible deployment of a vaccine.

According to the Spallanzani Institute, “the results of these tests still are under evaluation, indicating that it is possible to detect a response in terms of neutralizing antibodies in inoculated animals, which was the basis for the development of a study model.

CEO Luigi Aurisicchio said thanks to the skills of Spallanzani Institue, as far as we know, Takis is the first in the world to have demonstrated the neutralization of the coronavirus by a vaccine. We expect this to happen in humans too.” “We are also exploring other exciting technological platforms in collaboration with LineaRx, an American company. 

Another feature of the vaccine candidate is the ability to adapt to the evolution of the virus and its possible mutations, which were observed by EvviVax a Takis partner, according to the company’s director of the NeoMatrix program, Fabio Palombo. 

Some vaccine development programs have received substantial funding and have already started the clinical phase in other countries. We are doing our best because a vaccine that comes from Italian COVID19 research, with an all-Italian and innovative technology, will be tested in Italy and made available to everyone. To do this – Aurisicchio noted – “we need the support of the institutions and partners who can help us speed up the process: this is not a competition and together we can all win against coronavirus. “

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