Chinese Fans hail Taylor Swift as ‘true queen’ for calling Trump’ racist.’

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Chinese Fans hail Taylor Swift as ‘true queen’ for calling Trump’ racist.’

by Robert Davi

Foremost and First 

So the Chinese government is ALLOWING Chinese fans to hail Taylor Swift as the “true queen” for calling out Trump’s “racist” tweets. Notice the language use of QUEEN by the Chinese government. 

The American pop icon put a tweet out to her 86 million followers in response to Trump’s controversial tweet about the protests that erupted in Minneapolis in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

Swift took to the social media site on Friday and wrote: “After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire

Chinese Fans

presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November.” 

Her comments, which I necessarily do not agree with are comments which she would not be able to make if she lived in China or made such comments about the Chinese Communist Party this is a fact!

After the tweet went viral, as of Sunday, it has received 1.4 million likes among her Chinese fans.

This is the same China that has allows the following Human Rights violations daily. 

There is NO Freedom of

  1. Speech
  2. Press
  3. Religious Rights
  4. Political Ideology
  5. Intersex (Homosexuality)
  6. And the list continues on!

Several Chinese fans extended their support to Swift on China’s Twitter-like Weibo and praised her bravery for taking a stand.  

I feel she is a true queen for speaking out against Trump’s incompetence and irresponsibility as a president in leading the country,” a user named “Yuan Yuan.” 

“I can’t believe a country’s top leader actually made such an inciting comment, which will only arouse more anger and violence,” “Isn’t the president supposed to speak for the people and bring justice to the country?”

“I don’t understand why such a racist, arrogant, no-political-experience businessman was elected as the POTUS, and Swift spoke our hearts,” 

According to Weibo, Swift has over 9.7 million-strong Weibo following. However, the Yuan Yaun user is not a real person; it is a BOT originating out of the PLA Third and Fourth Department.

As a point of reference, “Weibo” was one of the platforms that doctors in Wuhan used along with “WeChat” to sound the alarm over the outbreak of COVID-19. These same doctors were arrested formally and reprimanded by the government. Below is the official reprimand language and also in my report on Wuhan coronavirus.

Illegal behavior (time, place, participants, number of people, what problems are reflected, consequences, etc.)

Posting untrue statement “7 SARS cases confirmed at Wuhan Huanan Fruit and Seafood Market” on the WeChat Group “Wuhan University Clinical Class of 2004” on Dec 30, 2019.

[We are] now filing an official warning and admonitions to you on the illegal issue of posting untrue statements on the Internet according to the law. Your behavior severely disrupted social order. Your behavior had exceeded the scope permitted by the law and violates the relevant provisions of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China, which was an illegal act!

The police authority hopes that you can cooperate with our work, listen to the admonishment by the police officers, and stop conducting illegal activities. Are you able to do that?

Chinese citizens are being oppressed by their government daily; why hasn’t Taylor Swift posted anything about the Chinese government, which is hell-bent on destroying and dominating America and the World. I can tell you why the Chinese government would come after her with such a vengeance that she would lose millions.

As we know, President Trump speaks his mind and posted a tweet on Friday, threatening to stop protesters in Minneapolis with military force (National Guard) after the city weathered arson and rioting over the police killing of an unarmed African-American named George Floyd. So we all understand the National Guard when not Federalized is a State Asset under the State Governor’s control, not the President of the United States.

Chinese Fans 2The tweet read, “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

Twitter, as we know later, flagged the President for violating community guidelines as the tweet mentioned above, allegedly glorified violence. This was the first for Twitter to take such an action against Trump’s tweet, according to media groups.

Know I leave you this in closing Taylor Swift enjoys the Freedoms she has as an American because of what America stands for and was built on. She enjoys the money she makes, and let’s face it the popularity she has. She is seen as an “influencer” in the world. If this is so, why doesn’t she act like it and go after oppressive regimes like China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba? She won’t, and she can’t because this is about money and not about doing the right thing.  

So Taylor, if you want to influence and be a global icon, which you are. Then do it! But if you are only going to pick battles, you think you can win using the protection of that sacred document called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; then you are not a “Leader” you are an opportunist!