Chinas’ Aggressive Posture the “NEW COLD WAR”

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Chinas’ Aggressive Posture and the ‘NEW COLD WAR” Mentally

by Robert Davi

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According to my sources in China, if the U.S. continues to stop Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei by blocking tech companies such as TSMC from providing chips to the company, China will carry out retaliatory actions, against U.S. companies that Chinas’ views as “unreliable entities.” The threat includes imposing Chinese restrictions on Qualcomm, Cisco, and Apple, and suspending purchases of Boeing aircraft.

China is preparing for the worst-case scenario regarding the U.S. since President Trump has begun to signal “decoupling” from China. Although President Trump’s administration has signaled a possible decoupling with China as part of its election campaign strategy, Chinas’ fears that the radical approach of suppressing China is become an irreversible trend in the U.S. and being pushed by the Trump Administration due to the coverup of COVID-19.

According to China, the environment for peaceful collaboration and development has changed dramatically. China’s domestic and foreign policies have begun to be adjusted to fight the U.S. efforts towards China. 

Chinese officials are quoted as saying,

 “For quite a long time, we need to release our strength to destroy U.S. bluster.” 

These aggressive tones associated with recent China talks regarding a Thousand Nuke Theory should be alarming to everyone in America if not the World. 

China says that the proposed Chinese initiated U.S. countermeasures will showcase efforts that will serve as a reminder to the U.S. that the U.S. has to pay a heavy price for suppressing Huawei. The expansion of Chinas’ telecom market is certainty in the global economy. “A U.S.-initiated decoupling with China’s high-tech sector will inevitably make the U.S. a short term technological and industrial giant globally, but China will rebound,” according to one Chinese source. 

Thanks to the Trump Administration, the U.S. is in a more technologically advantageous position. China would be compelled to face a tough time Globally if President Trump decided to break all relations with China. If this happens, China will face a period of unfavorable scenarios in the international community. For instance, some U.S. Allies will cooperate with U.S. efforts against China by exploiting China’s disadvantageous position, which will add to China’s cost of handling international affairs.

Chinese strategy led by Xi Jinping will, in turn, will display its strategic demeanor as a significant power entering into a “NEW COLD WAR.” “We China need to set up the ability to tangle with the World, during which China’s industrial and military culture can endow us with inspiration,” one Chinese official stated.

Another high ranking official stated, “We must be clear that coping with U.S. suppression will be the key focus of China’s national strategy” We will enhance cooperation with most of our friendly countries to fight U.S. aggression. The U.S. cannot expect to contain China’s international frontlines, and we must knock out this U.S. plot and make China-US rivalry a process of U.S. self-isolation.”

Within China, according to one party official, “we should make great efforts to create mechanisms and environments favorable to scientific and technological innovation.” “Meanwhile, we should prevent our struggles with the U.S. from exerting a negative impact on our social governance. Battles with the U.S.which will require internal unity.” 

“As long as we do our job well, there is no need to fear Washington’s thirst for power,” another senior party official stated. “If the U.S. walks away from the agreements, we will first make some U.S. companies suffer to show our strength and resolve. Then we will think about coping with all these changes and adopt a down-to-earth manner to engage in a prolonged struggle with the reckless U.S.,” said another Chinese party official.

So as you can see, China has already begun to draw up plans for a “New Cold War!” The Trump administration has the U.S. best interests at heart in dealing with the Chinese Threats to America. We need to watch this chess gameplay out and not be distracted by our internal political conflicts. The Chinese communist party is a slippery eel with fangs, and they will bite us if they see the opportunity to strike.