African Continent 2,592 dead and Rising


African Continent 2,592 dead in the African continent

So far, the official numbers seemed to suggest that sub-Saharan Africa, home to more than 1 billion people, has been lucky. The interactive map of reported COVID-19 cases on shows big red blobs almost everywhere—except sub-Saharan Africa. But now the numbers are rising quickly.

South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco together represent 39% of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Africa continent, according to the African CDC.

COVID-19 has killed at least 2,592 people on the Africa continent since its first appeared in December 2019, with 77,640 cases presently on the continent, including 28,504 of recovered.

Morocco so far recorded 6,652 cases of COVID-19, including 3,400 people recovered and 190 deaths, while 74,964 cases were ruled negative after the tests confirmed in the laboratory.

In South Africa, the number of people who tested positive has risen to 12,739, making it the country most affected by COVID-19 in Africa. The country has 238 deaths and 5,676 recovered.

The most affected countries after South Africa are Egypt, with 10,829 cases, 571 deaths, and 2,626 recovered. Algeria, with 6,629 cases, 536 deaths, and 3,271 recovered and Ghana, where the number of confirmed cases has increased to 5,530 cases, including 24 dead and 674 recovered.

Experts warn fragile healthcare systems in many African countries could be overwhelmed in the face of a severe outbreak of COVID-19, the highly infectious respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.